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September 26, 2012
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Finite02- Kazuki Makoto by meru-chan Finite02- Kazuki Makoto by meru-chan
For :iconfinite02:

I hope we all pass-- :icongtthplz:


+Name: Kazuki Makoto (誠花月 Makoto Kazuki)
+Age: 18
+Height: 5’9”
+Weight: 140lbs
+Nationality: Japanese
+Group: UI
+District: Metroplex
+Strain: Beta
+Level: Beginner


Withstand- this strengthens certain body areas to withstand even the strongest attack. This however takes a great deal of concentration so he’s only able to do this at one area at a time, leaving the rest of his body vulnerable.

Solace Barrier - the virus, acting to support its host to keep it’s survival, protects him by giving him regenerative powers. But activation of this mode puts him in a low-level energy state to recover or to heal any injuries he had incurred. Kazuki becomes unconscious in this state and is protected by a skin-level barrier.

+Personality :
Sarcastic | Blunt | Cold | Defensive | Wary

Kazuki is a very introverted and awkward person. Due to his hikkikomori self, Kazuki is afraid of being judged by others and would rather prefer to wallow and stay at home than socialize. Confrontations aren’t his strong suit and simple contact makes him emotionally withdraw, and since that’s not so possible in practice, he began to dress and act preemptively to avoid trouble.

He pretends to be cool to hide the fact that he’s actually pretty self-conscious, wears baggy clothes to give the impression that he doesn’t care, and wears a mask to keep people from seeing his face. He tries to practice the mantra “fake it till you make it,” but the execution is still lacking. This doesn’t make him any less inept when it comes to social interactions, though lately he’s been doing his best to truly genuinely interact with people. However, his fear of others, as well as being touched by them tends to make him standoffish, snappy and defensive when people get too close, emotionally and physically.

+History :
Kazuki once lived in the Jewel District, living peacefully with his parents and sister. He had okay grades, had enough friends to make him happy, and lived a normal life. That was the status quo until the accident at the ZETA facility. His whole family was affected, all four of them struck by the fatal high fevers as the by-product of the virus spreading. Kazuki, who was sent out to purchase medicine, fainted along the way, and when he had returned to the apartment, found that his parents, unlike himself, had died.

Fearful and paranoid from the sudden aggressive countermeasures the local government had started in light of the BETAV Crisis, Kazuki underwent check-ups and denied ever being infected. He was allowed to return to his apartment, where he was filled with guilt for surviving and for lying about not being sick. He withdrew from society, not leaving his home for anything, even school, paying for his needs through inheritance and insurance money, though when that eventually ran out, he was tossed out of his apartment to wander.

Without anywhere to go and exhausted from his travel, being unused to it, he fainted near a dumpster. Fortunately, Matilda found Kazuki before the curfew took place and took him back to her apartment where she stays with her two other roommates. He now lives with them and after the initial struggle, he is now working part-time in a small book store owned by an old couple who was ready to overlook his "quirkiness".

-his roommates
-news and information, being up-to-date
-cheap stuffs/ bargain bins

-his face :iconming3plz:
-any sort of activity that needs stamina and coordination :iconqwopplz:
-people invading his personal space

- His mark is located on his right shoulder blade.
- His hair turns to a lighter color whenever his power is active.
- He has a huge collection of masks, they were from his sister who liked buying and collecting them from the festivals they used to go to.


Seimei Kinomoto (TEAMMATE) - a strange guy with strange habit of displaying his body. He helped him fix him pants when they first met :iconmingplz: Not a bad guy, but not one he’d like to be around for too long in risk of getting a headache.

Matilda King - owes a great deal to her for helping him find shelter when he needed it the most. He is fond of her and treats her like a little sis. :iconheblushplz:

Raiu Lau - Kazuki thinks he’s wasting too much time on his “obsessions” and he does occasionally tease and banter with him about it. He doesn’t mind sharing some stuffs with him though. :iconhesmirkplz:

Jeremy Hyung - he thinks Jeremy iis a nice guy but he’s very VERY wary of his "cookings", specially when he had food poisoning the first time he tried them. :iconmingtearsplz: He banned Jeremy from the kitchen.
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Ooh... who's that awesome guy here? ... Kazuki Makoto? Kuhuhu... °v° I wanna see what's behind the mask!
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